How to Buy the Right Band Saw

The band saw is a multi-faceted too right now that is gaining a lot of attention today, it is one of the best tools you could own today. With the band saw, you can cut through things with a circular cuts and curved cuts or you can just rip the object with it, you can also cut long straight ones. The wood cutting blade from the band saw can even cut through light gauge aluminum. Choose the right one and you will see that the band saw can be your workhorse without any doubt.

If you are interested in finding the right band saw, make sure that you see through things and consider them to avoid mishaps.

The first thing too look for is the size of the wheels. For a lot of people saying size don’t matter, here it will. Larger band saw wheels will be typically better than a small wheeled band saw. But you need to know that two wheels will be better than three wheels. With a smaller radius, the band saw blades will not last that long when it is being pulled over like that. You need to know that the tighter the radius, the harder the blade material of the saw becomes.

You have to know that the size of the object or material you will be cutting will be determine the diameter of the drive wheels and guide. This means that you can cut an object or material with fourteen inch width with a fourteen inch band saw that has a fourteen inch diameter wheels. You need to use three smaller sized wheels if you use a small band saw, this is how you do it. Smaller diameter wheels will automatically mean shorter blade life for all band saws.

You need a table that can handle the stress of using a band saw, it has to be enough to provide good space for the material being cut. Avoid sheet metal tables that flex. This is a sign that the band saw is cheap and you will not want that, if you plan to buy one, might as well invest and buy the good brands. You should choose a band saw with cast iron table or with some heavy duty aluminum. A cutting blade that does not bend or flex will be a good quality cutting blade and a good quality band saw.

You have to know that this is when you really need a band saw of good quality, you will not have any good chances with a cheap band, invest and see the difference.

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