Why Join a Small Group Bible Study

People who go to church have somehow had the experience of joining a small Bible study group. Maybe you have tried joining one of these small group Bible studies. Joining a small group Bible study has its benefits which are only known to its attendees so if you haven’t tried joining one, you will not know what these benefits are. Below are some of the benefits that you can experience if you join a small Bible study group.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of joining a small Bible study group is that you get to meet other believers on a regular basis and have an intimate fellowship with them. We always hear the importance of having fellowship with fellow believers in church sermons, but since there are so many people attending church, having fellowship with these believers will not help you to make a significant connection with anyone.

In a small group Bible study, you are together with a few other believers studying the Word of God together. In this group, there is something that binds you together even if you haven’t talked with anyone or have anything much is common with them. This fellowship can be very intimate because it is just a small group of believers. All the people in the group are there with one goal and that is to learn more about God and learn what His Word says about how you should live. This small group Bible study can be a venue for meeting new friends who can be your friends for life.

Another benefit of joining a small Bible study group is that you will be strengthened in your Christian life. When you meet regularly for Bible study and learn more about what the Word of God says, you will begin to sense the presence of God in your life more and more. God will bless you if you study His word and keep His commandments.

There are some things common without relationship with God and our relationship with the people around us. It has to be cultivated. If you want to have a better understanding of the other person, there need to be communication at all times. You can learn to love God more in a small group Bible study as you learn more about His character.

The truly versed in the Bible can say Bible quotes even without looking at it. You can admire these people who can quote Bible verses automatically. If you take the Bible to heart, then one of these days, you will be like the person that you admire. If you constantly keep the Word of God in your heart, then it will soon just flow from your mouth.

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