Maintenance Checklist for Your Diesel Generator

An industrial generator can be used for well over 10 years however, this machine can last longer than expected given the fact that it’s maintained properly. Even though the generator has plenty of moving parts, it have sensitive components that requires checkups and maintenance done on regular basis. A thorough maintenance needs different measures to be done on different schedules.

Following are some simple checklist that you should do to your diesel generator if you schedule doing these measures.

If the diesel generator will be maintained on a day to day basis, then the following is what will be done.

General inspection – here, you must check for loose parts on your generator, signs for corrosion on the parts and even the accumulation of dust as well as traces of carbon.

Coolant heater check – got to check for signs of tear and wear and also, see if the coolant heater is in place.

Oil and fuel check – you’ve got to check the oil level and when needed, add oil to it and at the same time, take this opportunity to see the fuel level if it’s on the right level for generator to have optimal functionality.

Most of the time, maintenance personnel is doing all the tasks stated but this can be taken as part of the scheduled service agreement by a generator technician.

Should the diesel generator has to be maintained on a weekly basis, then the following is what must be done.

Air cleaner check – you have to check the air cleaner of the machine to see if there are debris or dust that have accumulated in it. If there is, make sure to allot time to clean it thoroughly.

Battery charger check – you must check the float voltage reading onto the battery charger and if needed be, adjust the voltage.

Fuel filter and fuel tank drain – draining the water from the bottom part of both the fuel tank and fuel filter housing is important until you see the diesel fuel.

There are various facilities that have in-house generator technician who does weekly measures on their generators. Generator maintenance can also be done by a building maintenance personnel given the fact that they have proper training.

The following will be done in case that the management opted to maintain their diesel generator every month.

Checking the coolant concentration – take a quick sample of the coolant using a hydrometer and see its concentration by referring to the manufacturer’s service manual.

Drive belt tension check – you should check the belt if it has proper tension and inspect as well for signs of tear and wear.

Battery check – check for any corrosion and looseness as well on the starting battery.

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